Much More Than A Million!!!
“The world's greatest test of excellence in which every competitor has an absolutely equal opportunity for success!„
Presenters Contact Details
Air Sport Internationale Limited
15 Rue du Jeu–de–l´Arc,
P O Box 6105,
Geneva 6,

Director: S Blackshaw (Switzerland)
IBC#162 459

The presenters have appointed South African Management to undertake the Race Administration
P O Box 90032,
South Africa

Tel: +27 11 680 1118 (Int)
Fax: +27 11 680 4596 (Int)
Tel: 011 680 1118 (SA)
Fax: 011 680 4596 (SA)

Internet Address Accommodation/Reservations
News bulletins, training flight results and other items of general news are posted on our Internet site. Entrants will receive a logon and password for in-depth information regarding their entry.

Email Address

Sun International
P O Box 784487,
Sandton, 2146,
South Africa Tel: +27 11 608 2168
Fax: +27 11 608 2091

Conditions for Entry

  1. Pigeons to be rung with officially recognised 2008 rings. If these are not available, contact the organizers.
  2. To ensure an equal chance, two reserve pigeons may be sent with every entered pigeon.
  3. A team consists of three pigeons; one entered and two reserve pigeons.
  4. Entered is defined as a pigeon that the entry fee of US$1000 has been paid.
  5. Only entered pigeons compete for any prize money
  6. Once pigeons have been assigned to a team they cannot be transferred to another team.


You don't lose – Lost Teams.

Should the pigeon of your choice, entered into the race, be lost during loft orientation and training, your reserve pigeon will automatically be entered into the race at no extra cost. Should all your pigeons be lost while training with none of them having won any money, you may have a free entry, excluding registration fee, for the next Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race. This ruling applies only to full teams individually registered.

Registration and method of payment

  1. An annual registration fee of US$25 is payable.
  2. Registration will be open from 1 January 2008 until 31 July 2008. (no limit on number of entries per person or entry, as applicable). As the total number of pigeons is restricted, a place in the loft will be made on a first come first served basis
  3. To register all your pigeons under one registration only, forward US$25 to Air Sport Internationale Limited as soon as possible to secure a place in the loft. Additional teams can also be registered individually to qualify for the “Lost Team„ team ruling by paying an additional US$25 per team.
  4. Personalized faxing is available from your local Country Race Co-ordinator. Your country co-ordinator will be pleased to quote you directly.
  5. The completed Registration/Entry form is to be faxed care of Air Sport Internationale Limited to +27 11 680 4596 (International) or 011 680 4596 (South Africa)
  6. Upon registration, the following will be supplied to you:
    • Confirmation of registration
    • Rings if required

Entry and method of payment

  1. An entry fee of US$1000.00 per entered pigeon and two reserves must be paid before shipment/transportation of pigeons.
  2. Request your bank to transfer the funds, electronically, directly into Air Sport Internationale Limited's bank account.
  3. Banking details
    Account Name: Air Sport Internationale SA
    Bank: UBS SA, Geneva
    Account Number: 240-752568.60D
    IBAN Number: CH94 0024 0240 7525 6860 D
    Swift Number: UBSWCHZH80A
    Bank Address: 35 Rue des Noirettes, Case Postale, CH-1211, Geneva 2, Switzerland.
  4. Fax the proof of the bank transfer to Air Sport Internationale Limited administration +27 11 680 4596 (International) or 011 680 4596 (South Africa)

Reserve pigeons–the choice is yours

  1. You have the option of not sending reserve pigeons; this however will affect the “Lost Team„ ruling.
  2. Should a paid reserve pigeon be lost prior to the race it will be replaced by another reserve pigeon if you have one, if not you will have a credit for the following event or you may have the entry fee, less costs, refunded providing the reserve pigeon has not won any money.
  3. A reserve pigeon may be entered at any time by paying the US$1 000 entry fee
  4. When a preferred pigeon is lost and does not return within two weeks a reserve pigeon replaces it. If this preferred pigeon subsequently returns, its status would be that of a reserve pigeon. If lost prior to a Hot Spot, the reserve pigeon will replace the lost pigeon immediately.

Non-Entered Pigeons

Non-entered pigeons may, at the discretion of the organisers, be entered into the race by a third party. This process will commence one week after the last Hot Spot

Quarantine loft opens

  1. Pigeons will be received for placement in the quarantine lofts between 2 May 2008 and 24 May 2008. The loft complex will be closed during the quarantine period 25 May to 26 June 2008. Late international entries and replacement pigeons will carry an additional fee of US$75 per pigeon to cover special quarantine costs incurred as they have to be housed at a State Quarantine Facility. These late entries will be received until 11 July 2008.
  2. Southern African fanciers may also send their pigeons at this stage, should they so wish. These pigeons will then be subject to quarantine.
  3. Quarantine is lifted on the 27 June 2008. The lofts re-open and pigeons not requiring quarantine will be accepted at Sun City until 31 July 2008.

Quarantine – you decide

It's a fact – Pigeon Fanciers the world over agree to disagree.

Some fanciers, including South Africans, place their pigeons in Quarantine the moment they are able to. Others again wait until the very last moment. So if you want your pigeons to spend only 30 days in quarantine at Sun City, schedule them to arrive on 21 May 2008.


Should you choose to vaccinate your pigeons, which is advisable, do so 10 days prior to shipping. All pigeons are vaccinated on arrival at the Quarantine lofts at Sun City. If this then serves as a booster, so much the better for the pigeon.

Security and training–No "Fowl" Play – No “Dope„

  1. We will arrange for your pigeons to be transported to Sun City, approximately 150km from Johannesburg, where it will receive its own electronic tag.
  2. Past experience has shown that older pigeons travel better and as the nearest town is 40 km away, orientation of these pigeons, is not a problem.
  3. The pigeons will be electronically tagged. The relevant details will be entered into a protected computer database.
  4. Covering the identity ring with a unique tamperproof plastic cover ensures that no single pigeon is advantaged over another and that all pigeons have an absolutely equal chance of success.
  5. International standards applicable to drug abuse are practised in the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race. Samples from winning and other pigeons may be collected under qualified supervision for testing by an internationally accredited laboratory. Only pure “Blue Blood„ can win the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race!
  6. Using the electronic timing system, the loft numbers are maintained via their electronic identity. \
  7. Ongoing information about all aspects of the race will be made known via the press and Internet.
  8. All entrants will be informed whether their pigeons have completed the last Hot spot.
  9. Race training will commence in October 2008, with the pigeons progressing to a distance of approximately 350km prior to the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race on the 31 January 2009.

Shipping Instructions

The services of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics (Pty) Limited have been contracted. The company has extensive experience in the freighting of pigeons and will gladly assist you with getting your pigeon/s to South Africa and the loft.

  1. The entry form and shipping details must be faxed to +27 11 680 4596 (Int.) / 011 680 4596 (SA) on the day of shipment of your pigeons. 1
  2. The requirements of the Directorate of Animal Health Import–Export Control Department of Agriculture, Republic of South Africa, dictate that an original health certificate must accompany your consignment. By using the accompanying health certificate / import permit, or if required by your local veterinarian their certificate in English, which then must quote the import permit number, you may airfreight your pigeons to South Africa.
  3. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics (Pty) Limited have structured rates for consignments of up to six pigeons at the same cost of shipping one pigeon. Consult your telephone directory for their local office or contact them on +27 11 928 7000, for the name of their agent in your area.
  4. Fax the official airfreight documents (before shipment leaves) to Hellmann Worldwide Logistics +27 11 974 3023/4–to ensure prompt clearance upon arrival.
  5. Complete a commercial invoice for Customs purposes clearly stating "No Commercial Value"
  6. The health certificate / import permit, commercial invoice and entry form must be sent with your pigeons to South Africa
  7. Ensure consignments do not arrive on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays as Customs will not be open and shipments cannot be cleared.
  8. South African entrants must fax their completed entry forms to 011 680 4596 on the day their pigeons are sent. Ertjies Noppe must also be informed prior to any shipment on 011 928 7000 or 083 630 5247. If the pigeons are air freighted a copy of the flight details and entry form must also be faxed to Ertjies Noppe on 011 974 3023/4 beforehand.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics (Pty) Ltd.

Care of OR Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg) International contact persons
Ertjies Noppe
Telephone +27 11 928 7000
Mobile +27 83 630 5247
Fax +27 11 974 3023/4

Hot Spots

Success on the big day requires that all the pigeons receive the correct preparation. This includes five training flights from approximately 200km to approximately 350km. ("Hot Spots"). All entered pigeons will compete in these Hot Spots, that is pigeons whose US$1 000 entry fee has been paid. Reserve pigeons not entered will not be eligible to win any Hot Spot prize money.

Hot Spot training flights pay ten prizes of US$1000 each to the first ten entered pigeons home.

In the event that a Hot Spot has to be postponed and cannot be rescheduled, prize money will be carried forward to the next Hot Spot.

Motor Cars

  1. Each of the five Hot Spot Races will, in addition to the ten US$1000 prizes, also pay out a motorcar to the first entered pigeon home.
  2. Motorcars cannot be exchanged for a cash prize and will be awarded in the country of the winning entrant.

Hot Spot Ace Pigeon

  1. All entered pigeons in the Hot Spot training flights compete for the title of Hot Spot Ace Pigeon!
  2. The Hot Spot Ace Pigeon is the pigeon that completes the combined distance of the Hot Spot training flights in the shortest time.
  3. In the event of a tie after completion of the Hot Spot races, the pigeon with the highest placing on the last Hot Spot training flight will be the Hot Spot Ace Pigeon, winning US$5000.

Sun City Grand Average Ace

  1. All pigeons entered into the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race compete for the title of Sun City Grand Average Ace Pigeon, however only fully paid entered pigeons are in contention for any of the prize money.
  2. The Sun City Grand Average Ace Pigeon is the pigeon that completes the combined distance of all the training flights over approximately 50km and the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race in the shortest time.
  3. Pigeons that have not returned in race time on the final race will not be included in this competition
  4. In the event of a tie after completion of the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race, the pigeon with the highest placing in the final race will be the Sun City Grand Average Ace Pigeon.
  5. Prize money of US$5000, US$3000 and US$2000 will be paid to the top three pigeons respectively.

National Championship

Be first, second or third in race time, in the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race, against your countrymen to collect a prize!

Any country that has three or more individual entrants qualifies. Only initial preference entries contribute to the prize fund. All pigeons not entered by a third party are eligible to win prizes.

As an example a country with three individual entrants would receive a first place prize of US$150, second place prize of US$90 and third place prize of US$60. Likewise a country with 300 individual entrants would receive first place prize of US$15000, second place prize of US$9000 and third place prize of US$6000.

All prize winners are also issued a certificate.

Two Pigeon Challenge

The minimum requirement for this competition is an entered pigeon and its entered reserve pigeon from the same team. In a case where both reserve pigeons have been entered by paying the US$1000 entry fee each, the best combination of any of the three pigeons would then compete in this competition.

The best combined velocity of the competing teams on each of the five Hot Spot races wins US$2000. Reserve pigeon rules apply to the Two Pigeon Challenge.

International Challenge Race

  1. This race will take place together with the last Hot Spot.
  2. Pigeons bred in the country of origin and entered into the race will be able to compete
  3. The first entered pigeon from any of the competing countries wins one of the five prizes of US$5 000 each.
  4. Only the first pigeon from each country can win one of the five prizes.
  5. The first pigeon from countries with more than three individual entrants also receive a US$1000 prize providing the pigeons finish in the top 250 of pigeons home on the day of the Hot Spot.

Knock-Out Competition – Five rounds – One Winner – US$25 000!

  1. This competition will take place over the last four Hot Spot races and the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race.
  2. Only pigeons entered prior to the first Hot Spot will be eligible.
  3. Should any Hot Spot be cancelled one of the training flights prior to the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race will be used to calculate the next round's pigeons.
  4. Knocked Out pigeons still compete in all other competitions.
    • Knock Out Round 1–Hot Spot 2 – 65% of the entered pigeons returning from the Hot Spot will move on to the next round.
    • Knock Out Round 2 – Hot Spot 3 – 55% of the above pigeons returning from the Hot Spot will move on to the next round.
    • Knock Out Round 3 – Hot Spot 4 – 35% of the above pigeons returning from the Hot Spot will compete in the next round.
    • Knock Out Round 4 – Hot Spot 5 – 20% of the above pigeons returning from the Hot Spot will compete in Knock Out Final.
    • Knock Out Final Round–Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race – The first timed remaining Knock Out Pigeon will win US$25000.

Go For Gold

Ten magnificent gold pendants containing ½ oz fine gold will be awarded to the top ten prize winners.

The Auction

  1. All pigeons that complete the race may be auctioned at the discretion of the organizers.
  2. Pigeons placed in the top 100 positions of the official result may be auctioned at Sun City.
  3. Proceeds from the Auction, providing they are significant in relation to transfer, less auction costs, will be distributed equally to the original owner, i.e. the person who registered the pigeon, and the Race Administration

The Race

  1. The race will cover a distance, dependant on circumstances, to provide a fair test of the pigeon's ability to negotiate the journey back to Sun City on the day of liberation in approximately nine to ten hours. The pigeons will be liberated as early as practical at the discretion of the organizers. The race will close at the discretion of the organizers
  2. On basketing day, all pigeons going to the race will be electronically logged in public and verified by the Auditors, wing stamped and identity ring obscured.
  3. After the pigeons have been liberated, it will be announced which electronic loft numbers correspond with which pigeon's ring details. As the pigeon's identity has been kept anonymous until this time, it will be the first revealing of the pigeon's identity.
  4. The electronic timing system will place the pigeons in order of their voluntary return to the loft and record times to a fraction of a second.

The Team – "Only the best"

A dedicated team, namely the race director, trainers, veterinarian and loft helpers, will ensure that all pigeons receive the best possible care for the duration of their training and that they are in top condition for the race. They have already established a remarkable record with pigeons on the day despite the toughest conditions; testimony of the quality of the pigeons and the care that they receive.


  1. The terms and conditions of the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race read with the official registration/entry form contain the entire agreement between parties and neither party shall be bound by any representations, warranties, undertakings, promises or the like which are not recorded herein. The payment of prize monies is at the sole discretion of Air Sport Internationale Limited. Pigeons accepted into the lofts will remain under the control of Air Sport Internationale Limited and will be disposed of as per conditions of entry and at the discretion of the organizers. No alteration, variation or cancellation by agreement of, addition or amendment to, or deletion from this agreement shall be of any force or effect unless in writing and signed by or on behalf of the parties.
  2. This agreement and its interpretation shall be subject to the laws of South Africa. Furthermore the English translation of this brochure is recognised as the official version.